Sápmi Nature

Live the Arctic life at Sápmi Nature Camp

Sápmi Nature

Experience the Arctic light at Sápmi Nature Camp

Sápmi Nature

Experiences. Photography. 


Photo experiences, images and photo art

Sápmi Nature

Experience Sápmi our way. 

Sápmi Nature

In the forest. In the mountains. In Sápmi. 

Sápmi Nature

Learn about Sápmi. And have fun. 

Sápmi Nature

Sápmi Nature

Love for the reindeer and nature in which we live is the starting point for the experiences we offer and with a warm hospitality, we want our customers to experience our Sápmi in a safe, pleasant and learning way.

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Upplev Sápmi

Experience Sápmi in our way!

And just like the reindeer migrate in search for the best reindeer pastures, Sápmi Nature moves between the mountains in the west and primeval forest in the east depending on season and experience.

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Since a couple of years Lennart has photographed the nature and culture in Sápmi. I want to tell you about my life and at the same time give nature and the animals a voice – while I want self-own my own story when I come home with a memory card full of pictures. I’m constantly exploring Sápmi with the camera in hand and I’m passionate about constantly develop my own photography.

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For several years, Lennart Pittja worked to develop the tourism industry and through many different initiatives helped entrepreneurs to develop their business. Lennart has carried out investigative tasks and offering entrepreneurs advice on the quality, safety and packaging in the tourism industry.

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