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Early January at Sapmi Nature Camp


Stay in nature with the Sámi people

Book your stay at Sapmi Nature Camp now! We welcome you to come and learn and experience nature and Sámi life and culture together with us at Sápmi Nature Camp. Be sure to reserv your place now – we run a sustainable and small-scale place so the number of rooms are very limited and rooms are in high demand right now. Sapmi Nature Camp is featured by National Geographic as one of the “21 best places to stay if you care about the planet”

Sápmi Nature Camp is a newly opened high-end, sustainable and small-scale camp that offers high quality, close to nature accommodation in Laponia World Heritage Area, outside Gällivare and Jokkmokk.

The camp consists of newly built ‘double’ rooms in the form of lavvu tents (that looks like a tepee) furnished with comfortable double beds, stoves and cosy furnishings inspired by nature and the Sami culture. Each of the 5 tepees/rooms is detached. A modern incineration toilet is located in the camp.

The food and the meals are prepared and served by us at the camp. Guests are welcome to be involved in the preparation of food. Ingredients and meals are based on the Sami cuisine where fish, reindeer and moose supplemented by berries and herbs from the area. Most of the meat and fish has been provided by our own family.

Sápmi Nature Camp is owned and operated by Lennart Pittja who grew up in a reindeer herding family here in Unna Tjerusj Sami community. This is grazing land that has been used by Unna Tjerusj for thousands of years. Sápmi Nature is committed to responsible tourism that does not threaten the reindeer and the herding here, but instead we want to share our knowledge about Sami life – both past and present.

A stay at Sápmi Nature Camp is to be in nature, together with the Sami people who have grown up here. Here you are involved and active in life north of the Arctic Circle with everything from exploring nature to keep the heat in the stove in the room. Or you can just relax and enjoy the tranquillity and comfort of this unique place. On the day, you can use traditional forest skis, modern snowshoes or walk in the beautiful woods and experience the winter landscape and the Arctic light. There is always an Sámi host at the place during your stay. For your safety and also for the chance to learn more about Sápmi.

Because this is a small-scale, sustainable business, it is only between 2-10 guests here at the same time. This is far from a large-scale resort or impersonal mass tourism. It is personal, comfortable and convenient Sámi experience and you have the chance to really learn about the Sami culture.

Here you keep the fire burning with birch wood in the stove and the lighting comes from solar panels, candles and kerosene lanterns. A sauna can be rented.  A modern and comfortable incineration toilet makes it feel somewhat luxurious even though the camp has no electricity. At night, a powerful automatic stoves heats your room so you can sleep all night – regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Sápmi Nature Camp is ideal to experience the Arctic light – northern lights are often visible here. The closest light pollution is located many kilometres away so this is a good place for experiencing the northern lights, moonlight and stars.









Price and what’s included:

Price from 4260 sek/person/night. The price includes accommodation (shared double room), meals, and rental of warm clothing for outdoor use. During your stay you have free access to use our traditional skis and/or snowshoes for tours around in the unspoiled nature surrounding the camp. The price is valid for bookings of at least two people in a shared room.

We recommend that you stay 2 nights here. Sápmi Nature co-operate with other tourism companies in Sápmi/Swedish Lapland, so we can help you to build a package and combine with Treehotel or Icehotel, among other great places.