Book your northern light experience at Sapmi Nature Camp

Would you like to experience Northern light in Sápmi this winter?

Sápmi Nature Camp is a newly opened high-end sustainable Sámi glamping experience in Laponia World Heritage Area in Swedish Lapland. Sápmi Nature Camp is owned and run by a Sámi person from this area – Lennart Pittja has grown up in a reindeer herding family here. The camp consists of 5 “rooms” in lavvu tents, a small dining room and a wood heated sauna – situated in nature in the boreal forest above the Arctic Circle, outside Gällivare and Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland. Each room has a comfortable double bed, cosy furnishing and efficient heaters that keeps you warm no matter the outside temperature.

Sápmi Nature Camp is open from 1 December and throughout the winter.

Book your stay here: http://www.sapminature.com/book-your-stay-at-sapmi-nature-camp/

Sápmi Nature Camp is ideal to experience the Arctic light – northern lights are often visible here. The closest light pollution is located many kilometres away so this is a good place for experiencing the northern lights, moonlight and stars.

National Geographic listed Sápmi Nature Camp as one of “21 best places to stay if you care about the planet”  

” Sustainable, spectacular and engaged with local communities – these lodges are tucked into some of the planet’s wildest places.” National Geographic

Love for the reindeer and nature in which we live is the starting point for the experiences we offer and with a warm hospitality, we want our guests to experience our Sápmi in a safe and pleasant way. Hopefully, you will learn a lot about Sápmi, life and culture when you are here.