Discover nature and live life in Sápmi

A question that I often get is about the different activities that can be done at Sápmi Nature Camp? I realise that this is the common way to present a place within tourism industry – often the more activities the better. But Sápmi Nature Camp is not a common place. This is Sápmi and this is different. This is about learning from your indigenous, Sámi guides and to live the Arctic life for a couple of days together with us.

I would just spoil the opportunity to learn if I had a long list of “must do” – acitivities because we would not have time to talk to each other then. Sápmi Nature Camp is different. Sápmi is different. This is a real chance to learn.

First of all, you can decide yourself if you want to do many things or if you just want to relax, enjoy the nature and Arctic lights. You don’t have to go anywhere to experience the Northern Lights or the sunrise over Laponia. Just step outside (we provide warm winter clothing so you can stay warm no matter the outside temperature) and enjoy!

If you want to be active there’s many things that can keep you going here. The life in a camp without any electricity or modern water supply gives many chances to learn and help out with all sorts of things. We need to get firewood, water and clear the snow from the paths. In the kitchen, you are more than welcome to help out with the preparation – maybe you will learn more about the Sámi food tradition thanks to that? These activities are of course completely optional – if you just want to relax that’s fine too!

Maybe we want to start the fire outside to make a cup of coffee over the fire? You can help out and at the same time, learn more about the Sámi know-how to survive here in the North. In other places, they pack this into fancy experiences and call them bushcraft or something like that and it starts at 10.00 and 15.00… I call this life. And to live life in Sápmi you need to be able to make a cup of coffee over the fire. We love coffee. And storytelling. And you are welcome to join us!

We have sets of snowshoes and wooden, cross-country ski that you can use as much as you want. We will give you an introduction how to use this equipment and help you to get going. We have a map over the surrounding forest and lakes and you can go out on your own to discover the area. Sometimes, we will go out on a trip together on the ski and we will show you some of the places where my Sámi ancestors stayed in traditional Sámi houses some 1000 years ago.

Sápmi Nature Camp is different. But I’m sure that you will enjoy our way of life.