Glamping and Sámi lifestyle

This winter is the first ever for Sápmi Nature Camp. During the start of the winter season, we’ve had numerous visits from different tour operators, press trips and visitors from all over the world.

When I decided to start the camp, I could not anticipate the huge interest for this high-end Sámi glamping experience!

“Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amentities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping* (Wikipedia)”

I just call this life. My life as a Sámi person who loves nature, reindeer and the life above the Arctic Circle. And I invite you to come and live the life with us for a couple of days. You will learn a lot about Sápmi, you will stay warm and comfortable and you will have fun.

My idea with Sápmi Nature Camp was to create a good, comfortable accommodation in nature without destroying more nature and reindeer grazing pastures. Close enough so that it’s easy to get here – far enough to really be in unspoiled nature. And I feel that I found the right place, just outside of Gällivare where I live. This place is home, and I’m so grateful to Gällivare Homestead Association who see the value in our co-operation.

My Sámi community were very positive to this idea in creating the camp – that was very important to me. My kind of tourism must not be a threat towards the reindeer and the reindeer herding here.

I have already had 9 different tour operators visited Sapmi Nature Camp. 2 of them resulted in booking inquiries right away! I’ve had several media visits which hopefully will result in good features in magazines and online. And I had guests from Australia, Mexico, UK and Germany. So far. And more to come!

I have still things to do – I will of course create some more packages such as nature photography, northern lights experiences and skiing and hiking in unspoiled nature. And I will add online booking. I will do some short videos about life here in the North. And continue to improve overall.

But this start is good. Even fantastic.