Glamping under the Northern Light in Sapmi and Swedish Lapland

Sapmi Nature Camp

Glamping under the Northern Light in Sapmi and Swedish Lapland
We had a nice weekend at Sapmi Nature Camp. On the night sky, a full moon spread a magical light over the camp and we were fortunate enough to see some Northern Light dancing. For some of the visitors, this was their first experience of real life Northern Light and I’m happy and proud to be able to take part in their first ever magical experience of this amazing phenomenon.

Nature based Sámi glamping
Sapmi Nature Camp is located out in nature so you don’t have to go anywhere except out of your cozy lavvu tent to be able to experience the Arctic light. But our camp is more than “just” to see the Northern Light – you are staying in a Sámi camp and you will learn a lot about the indigenous people of this area.

Sami hosts and stay in nature
While you stay here, your local hosts will share their knowledge, stories and culture and you will get a chance to learn more about the Sápmi and the reindeer herding culture of this area. This is a great experience even if you don’t see any Northern Light. The camp is comfortable and all rooms are warm and cozy – no matter the outside temperature.

Full moon at Sapmi Nature Camp in Gällivare, Swedish Lapland.