Wildlife, Sami life and culture and Northern Lights in Sápmi/Swedish Lapland

Enjoy glamping and wildlife at award winning Sápmi Nature Camp in Laponia world heritage. Local guides will take you to experience wildlife and Sami reindeer herding on your stay in this unspoiled nature. Sapmi Nature Camp is located out in nature, far away from any light pollution which creates good chances to experience Northern light.

Next departure: March 18-21 2019    

Next winter season: December 16-19 2019,     January 27-30 2020,                                                                                February 24-27 2020

Authentic Sami experience in the world heritage Laponia

Welcome to a genuine and authentic Sami glamping and wildlife experience in nature. We have put together a program that gives you our best ways to experience this area. Unspoiled nature and a sustainable glamping place right in nature – to watch for Northern light in the evening you only need to step outside your lavvu room and look up on the sky.

Our basecamp will be at award winning Sápmi Nature Camp – in the heart of Laponia. Here you will find the comfort of a tented camp located in unspoiled nature – all run by local Sámi from this area. The camp consists of newly build double rooms in the form of lavvu tents furnished with comfortable double beds and efficient stoves to keep warm no matter the outside temperatures. There is a wood heated sauna in the camp and a modern incineration toilet so there’s nothing missing despite the fact that there’s no electricity and/or sewer.

Small group – only 6 places/departure

To keep this experience special and personal, we will limit the number of participants to only 6 people – a great way to experience Sami glamping, wildlife and Northern light . Lennart Pittja, Sámi owner of Sápmi Nature will be the tour leader and most of the time will be spent on the traditional lands of my Sámi reindeer herding community Unna Tjerusj. This area also happens to be in the Laponia World Heritage Area and hopefully, you will get a close insight to the indigenous Sámi culture – the combination between nature and culture has been a world heritage since 1996.

Sapmi Nature Camp – featured by National Geographic

Sápmi Nature Camp is featured by National Geographic as a sustainable place to stay if you care about the planet. One reason is course the comfortable accommodation but even more so, our commitment to sustainability. We stand alongside the reindeer herders, nature lovers and others in the fight to keep nature unspoiled. Our experiences should never create problems for the reindeer herding here. Tourism is our way to create a deeper understanding for the life environment here in Sápmi and to spread knowledge, understanding and respect but also to create local jobs and a local, sustainable economy.

If you are interested in photography – this experience is a great way to capture the natural wonders in the Arctic. Lennart is an experienced photographer and will be able to give some advices on for example aurora photography and the program gives plenty of opportunity for your own creative process with the camera.

This is Sapmi – not wilderness

You will experience much of the unspoiled nature here during this experience. Many people would call this land wilderness, but from the local Sami perspective this land is not wilderness – this is a cultural landscape where people have lived for thousands of years. But their lives have been so closely connected to nature that it’s almost impossible to see the hidden signs from the past generations life here.

Meet a local reindeer herding family

During your stay, we will also make sure to meet a reindeer herding family and their reindeer. This gives you a unique possibility to learn more about a real life of a reindeer herdsman as well as getting real close to the animal that is the foundation for Sami life – the beautiful reindeer. You will hear more about the challenges that comes with global warming in the Arctic.

Wildlife watching in Laponia

Wildlife watching is another thing built into the experience. From the bird feeding station at the camp that gives you the chance to see Siberian Jay, Willow tit and Siberian Tit to the majestic Golden Eagle and Sea Eagle around Stora Sjöfallet that we might be lucky to see on our day up in the mountains. We will also look for moose during our drive up to Stora Sjöfallet. During our walking on ski tour around the camp, we will look for tracks in the snow and learn more about nature, snow and wildlife in this nature reserve called Sjávnja.

Suggested day to day itinerary