How to describe a dream?

I have worked for more than 20 years in Sami tourism. Together with partners, I have created some amazing experiences over the years – often with outrageously amounts of work behind the scenes to get it together and not always to the right quality that I wanted to offer.

The entire time, I dreamed to be independent of transfers, times for meals at the restaurants and rooms available in hotels in town. Or, as on other trips, to avoid having to spend half of the day devoted to building camps to sleep in.

Instead, I dream about something else. To offer a stay in the right place in nature to the right quality. I think my dream works well together with the dream that many people in the world have – to experience the grand North in Arctic and Sápmi. Together with the indigenous people of this area.

Through the years, I have got a lot of appreciation from my guests that I offered genuine Sámi experiences. Far from any fake fairy tales.

This is my dream.  Sápmi Nature Camp is a high end, sustainable and small-scale camp outside of Gällivare and on the border to Laponia World Heritage Area. I have built 5 Tentipi double rooms with comfort and high quality in the details. Despite the lack of electricity in place – we have everything we need to live life close to nature, a life the Sámi way. In the old homestead Aborrträsk – smoke is coming out of the chimney again after many winters hibernation.

Nature is our culture. So take a ski tour in the winter landscape. Or snowshoe trek. This is a fantastic place to experience the Northern Lights and the Arctic light. You are free to use our winter equipment for the best way to explore the area.

And above all, time is included – time to learn and to try to live in this amazing Sámi environment. There is always a guide present – with time and willingness to share the Sámi knowhow, history and traditions with you.

How do you describe a dream? I don’t know, but you are welcome to come and share mine. Sápmi Nature Camp.