Sapmi Nature Camp in Laponia World Heritage Area this winter!

I have decided to re-locate Sápmi Nature Camp this upcoming winter to Nábrreluokta – in the heart of Laponia World Heritage Area! This area is something extra – this is unspoiled nature in Sápmi/Swedish Lapland at it’s very best!

On the shore to Stuor Julevädno lake/river and in Sjávnjá Nature Reserve – this is an ideal place to experience the Sámi culture and nature with us. This is grazing land for the reindeer in my Sámi community Unna Tjerusj – a place that feels very much like home for me and also closer to the mountains.

Early January at Sapmi Nature Camp

We have worked very hard during the autumn and beginning of winter to move the camp and I have not had the chance to publish the new pictures of the camp until now.

Our new location is a bit different from last year’s place, but I am very pleased with our new location. We have put up the rooms around our small timber house. Each lavvu room is standing on a wooden platform and with approximately 10 meters distance to the next room.

Inside our cabin

We use a small timber house as the kitchen and dining room, but also as a small lounge where you can hang out if you like. This is also where the Sami guides will sleep when we have guests in the camp – we are always on site and not longer than 30 meters away from your room if you need us.

Full moon on New Years Eve

Incineration toilet

Our small camp does not have electricity or water and sewer. Our toilet is a modern incineration toilet that uses solar power and propane to take care of the waste. We keep this room warm all the time and you can wash your hands using water from a small water can. Gentlemen can also urinate outdoor on designated places – one way to help out to reduce the carbon footprint. If technology fails for some reason, we also have a traditional outhouse that you can use while we work with fixing the problem.

Sapmi Nature Camp in magical winter forest

We will continue to update with more photos.