Let’s go glamping – in minus -30 degrees C…

We have not seen so many cold nights this winter yet, so when the temperatures dropped below -30 degrees C (-22 F) I could test things for real.

Warm and cozy in the lavvu room

When I arrived at the camp, it was -30 and the temperatures kept falling down. I lit the fire in the wood stove and started the automatic kerosene heater on full effect. 1 hour later, I had more than +20 degrees C (68 F) in the main living area in the room.

Of course, with a wall that is just a thin layer of fabric it’s not indoor climate,  +20 degrees C  in all the room – closest to floor and the wall it’s still chilly, but in the bed and at the seating area it’s very comfortable.

And it’s very rewarding to be able to stay this safe and comfortable – and yet, I just need to open the door, step out and experience this:


Northern Light at Sapmi Nature Camp