Sapmi Nature Camp – your room in winter wonderland

Guests from different parts of the world find their way to us – to a Sami owned and operated tented camp out in unspoiled nature. I am fulfilling my dream of taking people out to nature to experience the Arctic indigenous life in Laponia in a safe and comfortable way. This is a small-scale, personal and sustainable camp that focuses on sharing the Sami way of life to our guests. This area is Sapmi at it’s best. And this is a great place to learn more about the only indigenous people in Europe.

Your lavvu room at Sapmi Nature Camp! Stove and heater keeps you warm, the bed is large and comfortable. In the background, a couch to put your bagage on when you stay here. 

We have 5 lavvu* rooms at our tented camp in nature. The rooms are located in unspoiled nature in a world heritage area, Laponia – above the Arctic Circle in Sápmi/Swedish Lapland.  Each room stands on a wooden platform, spread out around a small cabin at the shore of Stuor Julevädno. Each room have both a wood stove and an automatic diesel fuel heater. You will learn how to make a fire in the stove and where to get the fire wood to keep the fire burning. At night, the automatic stove – together with the sleeping bag and the warm duvet keep you warm and comfortable. Four of the rooms have a double bed and one room have two separate beds.

To build Sapmi Nature Camp – we focus on sustainability and to show respect for nature and the reindeer and wildlife who live here. We do not destroy any more nature with this – that’s our belief in creating a sustainable development here.

A couple of wooden armchairs and a small table

There’s no electricity in the camp at all. Lights come from fire, candles, kerosene lamps and battery LED-lamps. You get to borrow a good headlamp from us too. But thanks to the natural light, it’s does not feel as dark as one could think here. Arctic light reflects on the snow and with moon, stars and northern light you will be surprised how much natural light there is outdoors.

Automatic stove in the rooms

The automatic stove burns all night without any smell of fuel inside. A silent and peaceful sound comes from the heater and a eco friendly fan helps to spread the warm air in the lavvu.

Incineration toilet

The toilet is a technological little wonder – a incineration toilet that runs on propane takes care of business in a warm outhouse, a few meters from your room. If technology fails, we have a back-up traditional outhouse too – there’s always a plan B when you are out in nature like this. We also have a wood heated sauna – this is the way the locals shower without a shower and guests can rent a sauna and experience this great way to relax (sauna experience is not included in the price of the stay).

Inside our cabin, this is the dining room and also where the Sami host will stay when we have guests in the camp

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*lavvu is the Sami word for a traditional Sami tent-house, comparable to a Native American tee-pee