Sápmi Nature at Vallje in Gällivare

Sometimes, we are working in front of a computer with regular office work. And we have now found a great office where we can do this.

Gällivare, our hometown, is in the middle of the Sámi geographical area on the Swedish side of the border. But when you come here as a visitor – the town looks pretty much like most other small towns in the Northern part of Sweden. Not much here shows the Sámi culture and heritage.

But now, we have a great, new Sámi business center in the center of town. The idea is to create a meeting point for Sámi entrepreneurs and locals and to create a place where artists, photographers and others can have exhibitions and different activities.

This is how Vallje present itself;

– Vallje is a nod and meeting place for Sami who want to be part of development and growth in creative and cultural businesses. Sami companies, products, innovations and ideas in cultural and creative businesses are important for the development of society.

Sápmi Nature supports this idea – so much so that we have actually decided to move in!! Our main office is located @Vallje (link only in Swedish) on Lasarettsgatan 25 in Gällivare. Come in and have a cup of coffee and meet some cool, local Sámi folks!