Story behind the story – UK media in Sápmi

I am standing along the road, on the border to Muttos National Park, part of Laponia World Heritage Area and waiting for my guest to arrive. My guest today is Simon Parker – a travel writer and journalist out on adventure. Simon is doing a new UK TV-show about his cycling adventure – a bike journey between North Cape and Smygehuk, the most Southern place in Scandinavia. More than 3000 km on a bike!

Simon wants to learn more about Sápmi and the changing seasons here above the Arctic Circle and I promised to show him around in the area. Simon is fascinated about the area and wants to meet the local culture along his journeys in different places in the world. His dream is to experience the Arctic light and especially the Northern Light here. I have suggested to meet him in Muttos National Park and talk a little bit about the Sámi way of life.

It’s a beautiful afternoon here in the beginning of September. The sun is still warming and with blue skies and almost no wind, things could not look better!

You can see Northern Light in this area from August – April, when it’s dark enough during the evening/night to see it. Sápmi and Swedish Lapland is a fantastic area to visit in many ways and the Northern Lights is one of them (learn more about the Northern Light on Swedish Lapland )

I have carried some firewood and water up to the top of the mountain beforehand and when we come up on the top together – we certainly get a reward for the short hike upwards. Oarjemus Stubbá is a small mountain with a great view over Laponia World Heritage Area.

Evening hike up to Oarjemus Stubbá

Our dinner is prepared over the open fire – a delicious soup with Arctic char, potatoes and some vegetables and of course, we have a cup of coffee with coffee cheese afterwards.

Arctic char soup

Sunsets around 20 and a couple of hours later, it’s dark enough to start to see the dancing Northern Light on the sky.

I took a time-lapse movie, have a look if you like!

Presstrip in Sápmi and Swedish Lapland from Sápmi Nature on Vimeo.