Time to vote – election to Sámi Parliament

Election day in Sápmi

Back in 1993, the Sámi parliament was established also on the Swedish side of Sápmi. Since then, we have elected our 31 Sámi representatives in elections every forth year. This time there are 9 different Sámi parties to choose from. There are similar elections also on the Norwegian and Finnish sides of Sápmi but they are held on other dates.

May 21 it’s time to do it again on the Swedish side.

I’m not sure if the Sámi Parliament has made any big difference for me during these years since 1993. The real power within Sámi Parliament over the use of land and water in Sápmi is very limited, as it is for many other indigenous peoples all over the world. But I still hope that our votes will be important.

So I will vote. I know that many other indigenous peoples in the world do not have any possibility to vote so I will vote because I can. Many people around the world fight for more human rights and some people even pay with their lives in this battle. So I will vote – it would be so disrespectful not to.

In the future, I wish that our Sámi Parliaments in Sweden, Norway and Finland will work more closely together to improve the situation for the Sámi people, for nature and for the Sámi culture. And that it will inspire and strengthen indigenous peoples all over the world. After all, David won the battle against Goliath right?! 

Facts about Sápmi can be found on samer.se and in English samer.se/english