We proudly present: Sápmi Nature Camp will open on December 1!

Sápmi Nature Camp – a sustainable Sámi glamping experience will open on Dec 1 2016!

So what’s glamping? Glamping is described as glamorous camping. Fredrik Broman has been an inspiration to me with his fantastic Aurora Safari Camp in Lassbyn.

Glamping is a trend worldwide. I say that the world is finally catching up. In Sápmi – we have used the lavvu for thousands of years. As in other indigenous cultures around the world. For me, creating Sápmi Nature Camp is a way to set up a camp where my guests can experience Sámi culture in nature but still with comfort and quality. Of course I will use the lavvu, as I want to have the possibility to move the camp according to different seasons etc. And I want this to be an authentic and sustainable Sámi experience.

So Sápmi Nature Camp will have 5 lavvu rooms and open up on December 1 2016 on the border to Laponia World Heritage Area. Located on the reindeer herding land of Unna Tjerusj Sámi Community, just 15 mins outside of Gällivare. And booking will be up and running soon, so stay tuned! /Lennart Pittja, Sápmi Nature

Photo: Fredrik Broman