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Since a couple of years Lennart has photographed the nature and culture in Sápmi. Actualy it all began when he worked as a project manager at VisitSápmi where the Website was in need for picture material to promote Sápmi as a destination for visitors..

“-As a host I have for many years guided photographers from around the worldon their visit to Sápmi and seen their amazing pictures published in all kinds of world media. Many inspiring, pleasant and very talented professional photographers who really manages to capture the magnificent and beautiful Sápmi in their images. Many have been generous in sharing their experience and knowledge to me while we were out on assignment and step by step, I have learned from the best.

As a Sámi person, I often see how my culture is exploited in media and tourism. I often see description of Sápmi based on stereotypes and ignorance. Sápmi is anything but stereotypical – there is an enormous wealth of culture, spectacular scenery and cool people and my ambition is to take you off the beaten path and share it with you. This is my Sápmi!

I want to tell you about my life and at the same time give nature and the animals a voice – while I want self-own my own story when I come home with a memory card full of pictures. I’m constantly exploring Sápmi with the camera in hand and I’m passionate about constantly develop my own photography.”


For several years, Lennart Pittja worked to develop the tourism industry and through many different initiatives helped entrepreneurs to develop their business. Lennart has carried out investigative tasks and offering entrepreneurs advice on the quality, safety and packaging in the tourism industry.

Project management, branding and marketing are other areas in which Lennart worked.

WINTA World Indigenous Tourism Alliance – Winta – is a network led by indigenous people from various parts of the world. Winta working to strengthen indigenous peoples’ position in tourism on the basis of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2007.

Winta shall be a forum for indigenous people to exchange experiences, traditional knowledge and values, and a forum to create a positive development for indigenous peoples’ role and position in tourism. Lennart Pittja is a member of Winta’s Leadership Council.

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