First of all, this is a small-scale sustainable Sámi camp and our idea and goal is to share some of the knowledge of the indigenous people of this part of world.  We want to do this with creating a minimal impact on nature, reindeer herding and environment and give you the opportunity to active Sami glamping experience.

Just to be in this place is an experience in itself. We are located in Sápmi/Swedish Lapland, Laponia World Heritage Area and we are also on the grazing land of the reindeer from Unna Tjerusj Sámi community. 

Natural things to do

We don’t believe in creating a lot of different more or less fake activities that will interfere with the chance to really enjoy nature and hospitality of the staff in Sápmi Nature Camp. But you will always have the possibility to an active glamping experience. 

Number of active ways to experience the Arctic nature

We have a number of possible self-guided experiences that you can do when you are here and that is included in the price of your stay here. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • Skiing on traditional, long wooden skis in the Laponia World Heritage Area. We have prepared a route that will take you out in unspoiled winter wonderland. You will receive a short introduction to the art of skiing before you go – this is the original Sámi way of travelling this area and you will understand why the skiis are so important to the Sámi people. No ski experience required to do this – this is more like walking on top of the snow with skiis. 
  • Snow shoe trek in Laponia – this route will take you through some untouched forest around the camp. The area around Sápmi Nature Camp is rich on archaeological findings from ancient Sámi life in this area and we have prepared some stops along the route where you can see some of this. 
  • Trek along a prepared trail that will take you out on a round tour close to the camp on the frozen river Stuor Julevädno. Good photo options and relatively easy to walk along a prepared trail. We are preparing the trail during the winter but if it’s a heavy snowfall during several days we have difficulties maintaining a route that is possible to walk without snow shoes/skiis. 

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