Sapmi Nature Camp is located in nature in the heart of Sjavnja nature reserve and perfect for nature experiences. It is also a great way to learn more about the indigenous Sami culture. This land is grazing land for the reindeer in Unna Tjerusj Sami community, and it is also part of a world heritage area, Laponia. Take the ski or snowshoes and experience this hidden gem with us!

Ski is the traditional Sami way to travel in the winter landscape and in many ways the perfect way to be in nature here at Sapmi Nature Camp. The history behind skiing in Sapmi is very old – one of the oldest ski ever found, “Kalvträskskidan” is 5200 years old*. Even though our ski’s are not THAT old…

All the guests staying with us can borrow traditional, wooden ski’s and easily get out in the winter landscape, directly from the camp. Our ski’s are easy to use – everyone that can walk can also ski – and the flat landscape in the river valley is perfect for your first ski experience in nature – we will introduce you to it!

Skiing or walking on ski is the best and most sustainable way to experience nature at Sapmi Nature Camp.
Skiing is for everyone

Cultural landscape – no wilderness

Along the Lule River, it’s possible to experience nature and be in the same landscape as many generations of Sami before us. Lennart Pittja is a local Sami from this area. Nature here in Swedish Lapland is sometimes called wilderness. It is not! This is a cultural landscape and a landscape that is so much more interesting to experience thanks to all the stories and all the traditional knowledge you can experience on your stay here!

On ski in nature

Some of our guests describe the landscape with words like “winter wonderland”, “like a fairytale” or “it’s like being in the movie Frost”. I don’t know really how to describe it. But we have snow, lots of snow! That’s why it makes sense to use the ski, which helps to travel on the snow that might be more than a meter/3 feet thick in some places instead of walking through the snow layer.

A local Sami host can share knowledge about nature and culture here in Laponia world heritage area.
Lennart Pittja, founder Sapmi Nature Camp