Sápmi Nature Camp is a small-scale,  sustainable Sámi camp and our main goal and passion is to share some of the knowledge and experience of the indigenous people of this part of world. We want to do this whilst creating minimal impact on nature, reindeer herding and the environment so our activities are designed to give you the best experience with all these things at the forefront.

We are located in Sápmi/Swedish Lapland, Laponia World Heritage Area and we are also on the grazing land of the reindeer from Unna Tjerusj Sámi community. Just to be in this beautiful location is an experience in itself.

We don’t believe in creating a lot of different  activities that are not only not authentic but that will interfere with the chance to really enjoy nature and hospitality of the staff in Sápmi Nature Camp so whilst we may be a little quieter and less fast-paced; this all adds to the beauty and magic of a stay here with us.

Included in your stay

Self Guided Activities

We have a number of possible self-guided experiences that you can do when you are here that are included in your stay here. Here are just a couple of examples:

Traditional Skiing in Winter

There is nothing more authentic than donning a pair of traditional wooden skis and heading out into the cultural landscape to explore the nature around you.

We have prepared a route that will take you out in unspoiled winter wonderland. You will receive a short introduction to the art of skiing before you go – this is the original Sámi way of travelling this area and you will understand why the skiis are so important to the Sámi people. No previous ski experience is required.

Snowshoe trek in Laponia

Trek along a prepared trail that will take you out on a round tour close to the camp on the frozen river Stuor Julevädno. The area around Sápmi Nature Camp is rich on archaeological findings from ancient Sámi life in this area and we have prepared some stops along the route where you can see some of these. This is an easy to moderate activity for guests.

The Wildlife

Seeing, feeling and experiencing the natural landscape and surrounding wildlife is an experience that is unavoidable as part of a stay at Sápmi Nature Camp.

From the bird feeding station at the camp that gives you the chance to see Siberian Jay, Willow tit and Siberian Tit to the majestic Golden Eagle and Sea Eagle around Stora Sjöfallet that we might be lucky to see on our day up in the mountains. We will also look for moose during our drive up to Stora Sjöfallet. During our walking on ski tour around the camp, we will look for tracks in the snow and learn more about nature, snow and wildlife in this nature reserve called Sjávnja.

Optional Extras

Additional Activities

If you would like to further enhance your stay at Sápmi Nature Camp then there are a number of activities we can suggest and provide to give you an amazing experience. Here are a small selection but remember; as we are small scale and personal – if there is something you’d love to do that you cannot see here then please just get in touch to ask!

Meet the Reindeer

During your stay, you will get the opportunity to meet a genuine reindeer herding family and their reindeer. This gives you a unique possibility to learn more about a real life of a reindeer herdsman as well as getting up close to the animal that is the foundation for Sami life – the beautiful reindeer. You will hear more about the challenges that comes with global warming in the Arctic.


If you are interested in photography – this experience is a great way to capture the natural wonders in the Arctic. Lennart is an experienced photographer and will be able to give some advice on all types of photography from the scenery to Aurora photography and the program he can design based on your desires gives plenty of opportunity for your own creative process with the camera. Sami glamping and wildlife is simply a great experience of so much of what Sápmi has to offer you.

2-5 day stays at Sapmi Nature Camp

Recommended Packages

The best way to experience Sápmi Nature is to join us on one of our recommended packages that we have put together.

These tailor-made experiences will bring you off the beaten path to some of the hidden gems of Laponia World Heritage Area that we love the most. All while staying and enjoying the comfort and hospitality of Sápmi Nature Camp.

All of these experiences are guided by Sápmi Nature founder Lennart Pittja with long experience of Sámi experiences. Lennart is a Sámi himself from this area.

We have required travel guarantee through our membership with Visita in Sweden.

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4 day autumn experience

We have made our favourite program for an autumn experience in Sápmi for you. Experience Sápmi nature, learn more abut Sámi culture, enjoy glamping and hospitality at award winning Sápmi Nature Camp and see the northern lights. We are introducing Sápmi Nature 4 day/3 night autumn experience – book your place now!

More to come

We are developing more great experiences that we will present here soon!